Stanley R. Tippett Hospice Home in Needham, MA

About the Stanley R. Tippett Home

VNA Care Network & Hospice's Stanley R. Tippett Home in Needham, Massachusetts, opened in 1994 to care for terminally ill individuals who want hospice care but are unable to continue living in their own homes. Hospice is provided in a warm, supportive environment with all the related amenities and comforts of home. Nurses are on-site around the clock.


The Tippett Home is located on nearly six acres of peaceful, wooded grounds abutting the Charles River. The 10 private bedrooms are fully furnished and include an electric hospital bed, cable television and remote control, nurse's call bell, telephone, dresser, closet, and sink. Residents may bring photos, mementos, small pieces of furniture, and other personal items that fit comfortably and safely in the room. (View the photo gallery.)

"The staff took wonderful care of him,"

said Shirley Hutchins about her husband

David's time at the Tippett Home.

Read their story.

Families, friends, and other guests may visit as often as they like. Although there are no set visiting hours, guests are asked to respect the privacy and comfort of other residents.

There are several living rooms and a dining room where residents may spend time privately or visit guests. The large patio and awning provide an outdoor "room" during good weather. The garden has an abundance of fresh flowers, and bouquets are created and brought indoors for residents' enjoyment.


Staff are available to answer questions, provide tours (directions), and arrange for residency at the Stanley R. Tippett Home. For more information, please call 781-569-2888.


Most insurance policies, including Medicare and Medicaid, cover visits by the hospice team, medical equipment, and medications related to terminal illness. The room and board fee is covered by many insurance plans. VNA Care Network & Hospice staff will help determine insurance coverage and make every effort to create flexible solutions for those who seek care.

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